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The economic crisis at Saudi arabia

This has been known to have a lower risk score of foreigners employed in Saudi Arabia.Formed uneven economy is the impact of new laws and the declining oil brought by the Saudi Arabian government, especially with the dawn of the year 2016, it is learned that the causes.

Large buildings industry and the economic crisis affect the other institutions involved in the project by funding setback provisions for the salaries and welfare, and even have to be able to rescue the law to pay their foreign workers employed in some service organizations.Termination benefits and overtime to get gæṭalūvakaṭadabohō foreign workers were faced with the inability to because their parent countries. Migrant workers already working and a large number of projects and institutions closed or the staff of long-term leave or permanently suspended service report has been sent to the mother countries.

This crisis has arisen difficulties because institutions seem unable to maintain influence, especially foreign citizens is maintained by small-sized companies and commercial businesses for the newly imposed rules and regulations can not withstand.


Court sentenced the biggest donor

7-year-old paramour assaulted by a person jury unanimously convicted the 45-year-old High Court judge charged with the murder of a boy of seven. it. R. AAR yesterday (26) at the death sentence ordered.
Who is a resident of Ratmalana Duminda Samarasinghe Buwaneka way the death penalty was ordered. 20.06.2008 was accused on the complaint that the men had brutally assaulted the child Nishantha Kasun Ratmalana area.

Examination of evidence a jury at the case filed against the accused. After hearing the evidence of the prosecution and defense jury before his lecture at the High Court after the legal issues and both sides presented evidence, including a lecture sampiṇḍa jury was ahead. After the jury room at around 3.30 pm to 4.20 pm The jury went and came around the open court was notified of his decision to the judge.

A news about girls

All of this era could be money. Accordingly, even things that supposedly can not be long before the amount is in society today, the situation has been that sold Western society. And before long, secured an important woman in society. She is considered as a symbol of purity. The shocking fact is the symbol of purity, but had been a product of the various auction market prices Electric today. Every girl reaches puberty until marriage as society is built and is expected to protect Sadly East.
The sake of humanity, they live in unifying effect, sight, thought to provide body parts donation have lain on . a "donation" of the story is not. When looking at these events caused the society said, "seeds" sold a woman's physical deterioration of the situation cropping. Risk. But Chinese professor said, "This situation caused mental than the physical risk" throughout life can affect air.


Woman arrested with her Husband

Kopay police custody, said two children aged 6 to bat so expect the area Nilaweli her step mother by how brutally assaulted by His neighbor video on facebook
The mother of the victim had been killed because her father had married another while Kopay Police has revealed that the anger of the objections expressed by the woman attacked by the girl drowned.
Kopay Police said the video, the woman and her husband were arrested during nearly one hour after the book faces.


South America was guilty of guy in court a person was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

South America was guilty of murder in court a person was sentenced to 100 years in prison.This person had been killed daughter. their marriage, his wife and three-year-old girl and leave all the way in 2015.
While staying at a hotel in Mexico, the hotel swimming taṭākaṭayaṭa Throw the girl, and then the girl under the water, hold down since the death is dipped several times before carrying out the death That is the cast, her swimming taṭākeṭa, the girl learned to swim, he warns that those at the hotel.

The girl is not afraid of water, because of fear that he will say to others warned. This hotel cameras had recoded it.

Then at night the swimming pool ineligible been killed karalā.diyē drowned dead body of the child was seen by a worker next morning.

Anyway, before and after the death of the girl's necklace was finger prints notes that this is the death of the killer who might find ways happened.


A news about Court order

Sri Lanka is a strange kind of strange . That kind guy Gampola Magistrate Chandani Meegoda ordered to be done memorable.

This way was sentenced to 30-year-old woman was raped during the toilet the toilet, prepares 20-year-old youth was remanded until 21 inscribed.Gampola, the victim is subjected to a lady who is in pihillade,ya. Her husband is overseas and are at home with her two small children, she has lived.

She had gone to the toilet in front of the house at around 9.30 pm and the suspect came .
She attacked the suspect shouting bucket toilets had hand near the house of her father, the suspect had been identified, and that the police have told a father of a house near his residence.


71 year old mans' case at mahawela

71 year old heartburn unable to see their children and grandchildren poison suicide vārtāvuṇā tragic news from Dambulla.

Mahawela - he was a resident of the area has to stay at a home relative owner of Dambulla.
On several occasions, the children were given their phone calls told him they wanted to see.

The son of a resident in Horana, the father has come to meet. He said that at that moment, eager to see the grandchildren.The owner's nephew, and declared that the post mortem Parlour unduly strict person died due to the failure of the request.

A guy downing into river

Unauthorized Kelani River in Avissawella kuḍagama gem mine special STF surrounded.The raid happened around 3.30 pm yesterday when the river ran there to escape from the former STF person.
Those charges are sinking into the river in the village who this person is not allowed to save that STF officers.

The victim died as a critical condition as this man rescued after the Avissawella hospital but he died in the floods.In this way no longer  S kuḍagama resident twenty acres. The 36-year-old married Ravichandran.

That villagers were not allowed to pæmiṇillakut Avissawella police from STF save Ravichandran.The latest raid on the complaint of the 13 officials said that police are taking.


Actress Udari perera speaks about her award

She played the first award was the respect citrapaṭayaṭama. The Golden Sun awards rātrīyēdīyi. The Golden Sun Film Awards last night, she thought, because she was the most popular actress award in rivisarasiyaṭa write. The story they think about Udari received the award.
Golden Sun Film Awards, and it becomes unitary Dinakshi that can be felt the most popular actress ...?

Velocity is the first film I acted. The best actress award citrapaṭayenma first exhilaration I felt happy recommended if time had thought that he would. It's also thought that if I got the award servants. But that night, I never considered that it will receive the award myself. What Dinakshi also becomes more popular than me. I knew that was not found, but the two films so popular. But two janapriyayinē. They were both my friends. I get this award without the fun when someone won, but I enjoy it.

What did you think when your name announced ...?

Most Popular Actress Award judging panel will not. People to react. That's what is most important. Fortune I velocities movie actress as a possession. Actually I do not describe the happiness. Yet enjoy happiness. The producer and director of the group who wanted to honor the film velocity. The award ceremony for this grand celebration want to thank our channels.

How much money spend to become popular actress?

Football did not spend. I'm not a challenge for SM SM spending money. But the Facebook website to our channel to share preparedness posters. They were divided among many others. I took this award in any way is not hard.


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