award-winning actress Malani fonseka

Malani Senehelatha Fonseca (born April 30, 1947. Kelaniya) is a film of lanka She award-winning actress, also known as the queen of Sinhala cinema. His film career that spanned many decades began with Tessa Liyansooriyas Punchi Baba in 1968. I got my first confession, when he won the award for best actress at the National in 1969 Festival State Theatre was followed by the best local actress Sarasaviya Hingana tail in 1980, Ordhana in 1982 Yasa Isuru in 1983.

On June 12, 1986, married Lucky Dias, a film and television drama veteran actor and producer.
Fonseka began his career as an actress with concerts and theater. In 1963, he made his entrance to concerts and stage Noratha Ratha. In 1968, Fonseka won the award for best drama actress at the National Theatre in the form of Akal Wessa. Since then, it has led to 14 concerts and theatrical plays.

Cute SL actress Presenter Dinakshie priyasad Biography photography

Dinakshie Priyasad could be a Srilankan Film and television Serial actor. Dinakshie created her acting debut at the age of 2 in films directed by her father the veteran Sri Lankan theater director Dineshi Priyasad. She had gone on to star in SL teledramas, music videos, commercials and with success hosts several speak shows, music shows and up to date magazine programs. As a budding singer Dinakshie is additionally within the method of cathartic a music album along with her a pair of sisters. The album is being composed and created by Ruckshan Mark. She has additionally hosted shows and live events,various concerts.

Dinakshi Priyasad Biography

    Artist Name: Dinakshie Priyasad

Dilhani Asokamala - Srilankan cute Film Actress - Biography

Dilhani ashokamala ekanayake is one among the popular actor in sinhala movie industry. She is understood as Sridevi of Ceylon. She created her cinema debut in 1989 with the film Dedunnen Samanaliyak directed by Yasapalitha Nanayakkara. She won the Sarasaviya Best actor Award in 2005 and presidential award Ceylon. She additionally won the simplest actor award from Signis Golden (OCIC)A ward and 1st Derana illumination unit film awards in 2012 for her performance in \'Gamani\' film. She is married with popular singer and actor Priyankara Perera.

Dilhani Asokamala Biography

Denawaka Hamine - Srilankan veretan Film Actress ever - Biography

Denawaka Hamine was a Srilankan Film and television Serial role player. She was by profession a college teacher till an opportunity encounter with G. D. L. Perera once she accompanied a young role player to a theatrical audition, LED to her winning the role of Associate in Nursing aged mother in Perera\'s play Kandulu. Hamine\'s debut film role was within the film adaption of Sama (1965) by Perera reprising the role she had popularized within the play. Hamine did add tv with roles in teldramas like Kopi Kade. In 1998 she received Associate in Nursing unearned award for her contributions to Sinhala Cinema

About sri lankan Beautifull actress-Sachini Ayendra

Sachini Ayendra Stanley born on eight April 1982, is associate degree land film role player United Nations agency works in Sinhala movies. Sachini won Miss land title in 2003. once being topped because the winner of the Miss land, her initial film, Adaraneeya Wassanaya was free in 2004. She earned her initial award for best supporting role player at Signis land Film Awards for her performance in Adaraneeya Wassanaya film .Sachini Ayendra was born in kandy city, Sri Lanka. She studied at the Hillwood faculty, Kandy. Sachini was the winner of best model in city at a pageant in

The veteran singer W D Amaradeva

A number of Amaradewa's fans knowm him by just W.D.Amaradewa. Be that as it may, this awesome vocalist's full name is Wannakuwatta Mitiwaduge Don Albert Perera. He was conceived in 1927 December 5th. Presently he is around 90 years of age. Amaradewa likewise an extraordinary violinist and arranger.
This extraordinary Singer had the capacity increase numerous honors including philippine' Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2001. Likewise Indian "Padma" and Sri Lankan 'President's Award of Kala Keerthi' in 1986. Amaradewa additionally got "Deshamanya" grant in 1998. In 2003 the prestigious honor, "Chevalier" grant was conceded from the French government.But we ought not

Popular singer Namal udugama recovering

When there\'s no different choice than a liver transplant to save lots of one’s life,There square measure several living examples wherever individuals with finish stage liver failure square measure leading a top quality life with little compromise, succeeding a palmy liver transplant. This was attainable for all of them solely as a result of they received the treatment at the proper time.

\"Outcomes of liver transplant may be glorious if one reaches a tertiary care facility for transplant at the proper time for more work-up and transplant procedure. The story of this singer says it all. when having undergone a palmy liver transplant procedure some weeks past, he\'s currently ready to rock the globe along with his voice once again\", said Mr M.F.A.Riyas, Chairman Forte cluster of firms, addressing the media .
Mr.  Namal Udugama , a celebrated  singer, was diagnosed with liver issues and his conditions was

Indian pretty actress Pooja Umashankar

Recently Indian actor Pooja Umashankar was ready to won the Derana preferred actor award within  year. thereupon folks starts talking and search whose this lovely actor. really she isn\'t a hundred Indian. we tend to even have the 0.5 possession of her as her mother could be a Sri Lankan.

Her mother\'s name  Sandhya. She  married an Indian person. Pooja is currently thirty two years previous young lovely unwed actor. per latest actor gossips we\'ve come back to understand that she has received several wedding proposals from our actors. however she remains single and presently

Channa Wijewardhana and his spouse Upuli Wijewardhana teaches

Recently Channa and his terpsichore cluster participated for the fiftieth day of state Insurance operate. Even President Mahinda Rajapaksha conjointly participated the ceremony and gave a speech regarding the insurer.
Below is that the nice video of Channa Wijewardhana and his spouse Upuli

One of Great Dancer Channa Wijewardhana

Most of the Sri Lnkan terpsichore lovers legendary his even as Channa Wijewardhana. however only a few grasp channas' full name, channa Udayaprema Wijewardhana. Channa borned in Myanmar and spent his childhood in uk. Through innovation and enhancements in thythm he was able to place his own stamp to sri Lankan terpsichore.
Channa studied terpsichore from the one in every of Sri Lankan best dancer Panibaratha and with success embellished this ancient art embodying enhancements. nowadays Channa Wijewardhana is
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